An Ideal World is owned and operated by artists Robb Hart and Molly Talbot Hart. Established in 1997, we have earned a solid reputation for our visual effects work on set and in post. We not only set up complex film shoots on stages or on location, but we also finish the project at our studio in Santa Ana where we provide comprehensive post-production services, from Editorial on Final Cut Pro to finishing in our Flame suite. Our post-production specialties include: editorial, visual effects, color correction, design, motion graphics, product replacement, retouching, finishing, and 3D animation. We are highly skilled at using the latest digital formats, such as the new RED 4K camera for ultra high-resolution work.

Our team is comprised of accomplished artists from all over the world, with a wide range of experience in TV, Feature Films, Games, Web and Live Shows. We draw upon an extensive network of talent including directors, visual effects supervisors, producers, production crews, production support, editors, visual effects artists, motion graphics designers and animators. This network allows an ideal world to efficiently expand and contract, providing the right number and skill-sets of people for the job, and keeping overheads to a minimum.

Our suites are very flexible, whether you are working on the Flame or in Final Cut. We offer a second seat in each suite that can provide support to the session; it may be motion graphics in After Effects, 3D in Maya, compositing in Shake or even a second seat of Final Cut Studio. The fully integrated suites enable the rapid transfer of projects from one system to another.

We apply the ideal mix of talent, tools and technology required to get the job done as efficiently as possible. By maximizing your time, we can save you money. With lower overheads than Los Angeles, we are able to offer very competitive rates.





We understand the creative process; our aim is to add something extra to every job we work on. We love work where we are involved from boards to finish, but we take equal satisfaction from contributing to a project at any stage.



On Set | We are very experienced at green screen or blue screen shoots, motion control and motion capture, high-speed shooting with the Phantom HD, large-format shoots with the RED One camera, working with SFX elements such as fire, water and pyrotechnics, and stunt rigs such as flying harnesses. We are adept at working with a wide range of talent whether they are esteemed actors like Christopher Plummer and Christopher Lloyd, relatively unknown or children.

In Post | We have handled editorial of all lengths from 30-second spots, trailers, and title sequences to hour-long documentaries, feature-length projects, and even a five-hour-long DVD project. In addition to the finishing and visual effects work for the abovementioned, we’ve executed shots for movies, restoration of damaged footage, digital cosmetic work, product replacement, set extensions, wire removal, title design and branding.

Tools | We are proud to offer the only Flame finishing suite in Orange County. It was a logical extension to our tool set that already includes: Final Cut Studio, After Effects, Shake, Maya, Monet, Mocha, Mokey and CS5.

Client Service | We provide hands-on care and quality client service in a comfortable, quiet and trusting environment, where agency creatives can focus on their project, and bring their clients in for screenings or conversations.







December 2009

Years before James Cameron's amazing epic 'Avatar' Robb Hart pioneered the use of motion Capture to take a practical camera into a CG world. With a fraction of the budget time and people he produced a 97 minute long Star Trek piece starring Christopher Plummer. Check it out -



September 2009

Check out Robb's interview on the Promax site.  http://www.promax.com/Answers/Testimonials/

June 2009 - The Flame arrives

This was the actual crate arriving. Just in case anyone was wondering what a Flame looks like when you get it. The truth is that although everything was contained within the crate, there was a lot of packing! It's now installed and up and running in our machine room, serving the brand new Flame suite.



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